Episode 407 Jeff Givens, Jason Botka and Sarah Hunter

Mugshot Saints on PsychobabbleTV

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel start off the show by talking about how Justine’s mother had passed away on Christmas and now as the executor of the will Justine must now try and seek out her long lost half sisters that she has never met. Justine goes up to Heartbreakers Gentlemen’s Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin …

Episode 405 – Rev. Jeremiah Stank & Kip Winger

Rev Jeremiah Stank on PsychoBabbleTV

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel talk about atheism, paganism and the passing away of her mother on Christmas. Justine interviews Kip Winger. Kip talks about making the transition from rock music to playing classical music for the ballet and his album Conversations with Nijinsky. Rev. Jeremiah Stank of Stank Ministries visits PsychobabbleTV live on the …

Episode 404 – The Boys from BOTCHCO & Jeff Worley

Botchco on PsychoBabbleTV

Justine Hartel announces her engagement and upcoming wedding/ handfasting plans. Nurse Filomena fills in for Dr. Burnbaum on the show and brings a clip of their interview with Jeff Worley of the band Jackyl. The boys of Botchco come and visit and talk about their new fun products on the show. Evil Dave calls in …

PSYCHO BABBLE Christmas 2016

Psycho Babble TV Christmas 2016 Cast and Crew

It’s all wrong, but it’s alright. Special guests: singer & song writer Jeff Givens of The Mugshot Saints band, Rob Sherman, Uma Jolie, Briana Banks, Allie Haze, Adriana Chechik, Phoenix Marie, Lexi Belle, Janine, Alexis Fawx, Ron Jeremy Host: Mike Preston Cast & Crew: Dave Vandam as Evil Dave Justine Hartel Jessica Edwards as Nurse …

Episode 401 – Dr.Burnbaum and Nurse Filomena cure Patient X

Patient X on PsychoBabbleTV

Dr Burnbaum and Nurse Filomena join Mike Preston on the show with one of Doctor Burnbaum’s success stories Patient X. Justine Hartel visits Geek’d Con 2016 and talks with the following special guests: Jennifer Lynn Warren (American Horror Story), Taylor Pruitt Vince (The Walking Dead, Deadwood, Flypaper, R2D2 (Star Wars), Lindsey McKeon (Supernatural), Barry Bostwick …

PSYCHO BABBLE Spooktacular 2016

2016 Psycho Babble Halloween Spooktackular show cast

The Psycho Babble gang celebrates Halloween in the graveyard with Mike Preston and Justine Hartel doing a Halloween themed television comedy show when they get busted by grave digger Jeff and need to explain themselves.. there is a live satellite broadcast coming from Doctor Burnbaum’s mountain-side castle where his new “Nurse Filomena” and Igor are with …

Episode 399 with Special Guest Mark Hudson

Paco Justine Hartel and Mike Preston on PsychoBabble TV

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel invite special guest Vice Presidential Candidate Paco from the Richardson Paco campaign into the studio to talk politics and he reveals some interesting security footage of running mate Dick Richardson. Mike also spends some time talking with music producer Mark Hudson at Beatlefest 2016 in Chicago.

Episode 398 with Special Guest Jillian Janson

Stash on PsychoBabbleTV

Dr Burnbaum talks about flu season and his latest medical treatment. Justine Hartel interviews adult film star Jillian Janson and Stash’s dad (Edward Smith) talks about trying to go to the ballet or opera and instead ends up Rosemont Horizon and going to see the band Molly Hatchett and there he met the love of …

Episode 397 Bikini Bottom Bar and DJ Mann

DJ Mann Justine Hartel and Dr Burnbaum

Mike Preston, Justine Hartel and Dr Burnbaum talk about do it yourself at home prostate exams. Doctor Burnbaum also recently visited Bikini Bottom Bar in West Dundee, Illinois with the Joker and met some interesting new friends: Sally Marvel, Mimi Le Uke, Madame Marvel and Samantha Siren. DJ Mann joins Psycho Babble TV in the …

Episode 396 Louise Harrison, Mistress Mr. Junior and Raven Gemini

Mistress Mr Junior, Raven Gemini and Justine Hartel

Justine Hartel and Mike Preston talk about theater, theatrical education, acting and the performing arts and then Mistress Mr Junior does a live dance performance on the show. Mike Preston talks with Louise Harrison at Beatlefest 2016 in Chicago, Illinois USA. Raven Gemini talks about the burlesque Rollin Outta Here Naked produced by Vaudezilla which …