Nashville Pussy on Psycho Babble TV

Stash of Psycho Babble TV talks with Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy at Durty Nellies in Palatine, Illinois. Stash brings up the song I’m So High and ask what the motivation was for it and also about their current tour. Stash shows off a pair of his hand crafted nun chucks from the Chucks for …

C2E2 2016 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo C2E2 with the Joker

The Joker goes to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and talks to Forrest Gump, Madoka from Madoka Magica, Ming Chen, Gizmo, Mary Jane, Gene Okerlund, Edward James Olmos, Hell Girl, Mick Foley and many others.

Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Chicago 2016

Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Chicago with Ayla

Ayla goes to the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Chicago and talks to all kinds of different characters such as Batman, the Joker, Big Gay Horror Fan, Superman, Neal McDonough, Cory Smith, and Rapunzel to name a few.

TOMMY ROE – March 2016

Tommy Roe and Mike Preston

Mike Preston sits down for an interview with Tommy Roe and they talk about performing with the Beatles and memories of Elvis. Mike asks Tommy Roe how he managed to stay relevant during a time when the Beatles became so popular while other musicians got left behind. He decided to come up with a different …

NASHVILLE PUSSY in Dekalb, Illinois

Nashville Pussy on Psycho Babble TV interviews the NASHVILLE PUSSY gang Marge Tackes and Mike Preston talk with the band Nashville Pussy in Dekalb, Illinois USA for some fun and jokes talking about some of their experiences on the road.


Lacuna Coil on Psycho Babble TV

LACUNA COIL visits with – Mike Preston talks with Lacuna Coil about being from Italy and their song Heaven’s A Lie and what it’s like playing acoustic performances in a more intimate setting. Check out Lacuna Coil and their album Closer.


United States Representative Richard Martin

United States Representative Richard Martin talks with Mike Preston of PsychobabbleTV about being the CEO of Ohio Petroleum and Synthetics, his guilty plea, liberal media, Fox News and Alberto Gonzalez.