Episode 425 – Tony Baloni & Jack Russell

Tony Baloni, Justine Hartel, Nurse Filomena, Mike Preston Psycho Babble TV

Mike Preston introduces his co-hosts Nurse Filomena and Justine Hartel. Mike asks Nurse Filomena about her recent rock/ metal camping trip and people’s medical needs during the event. Mike then interviews Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White and he talks about working on a new album for the 30th anniversary of Once Bitten and …

Episode 424 – Ben Marengo and Beatlefest

Ben Marengo, Ayla and Mike Preston on Psycho Babble TV

Ayla joins Mike Preston on Psycho Babble TV to start off the show and they talk about Ayla’s amazement with technology and learning things on the internet and mentions some memorable quotes. Ben Marengo visits the show and performs his song Sue. DJ Mann goes to Beatlefest and talks to some of the people he …

SICK PUPPI3S August 2017

Sick Puppi3s and Justine Hartel

The Sick Puppi3s mention their album Fury. Justine asks about improving their sound writing new songs. The band is on tour and trying to fit in writing during their busy schedule. Watch this clip to see what else they chat about during this interview!

Episode 423 – Raph’s Graphs and Bristol Ren Faire

Raph's Graphs Mike Preston Justine Hartel Nurse Filimena on Psycho Babble TV

Mike Preston introduces his co-hosts for the evening Justine Hartel and Nurse Filomena. Mike asks Nurse Filomena about her trip to Nudes A Poppin and her upcoming trip to The Revival Party camping weekend. Justine checks out the Bristol Ren Faire and talks to all kinds of really fun people there like Menage A Moi, …

Episode 422 – Dante Inverness, Dad Longworth and Doodle

Dante Inverness, Dad Longworth, Doodle , Justine Hartel and Mike Preston

Mike introduces the newly married Justine to the show and they talk about the wedding and Mike Preston’s one minute wedding videos. Mike shares a clip of his visit with the Head Ned of the Neddle band Okilly Dokilly and they talk about some of their songs on the album Howdilly Doodilly. Pet psychic Dante …

JACK RUSSELL August 2017

Jack Russell on Psycho Babble TV

Mike sits down to talk with Jack Russell who discusses plans about acoustic versions of old Great White songs for the 30 year anniversary. Jack mentions a book that he is working on coming out with about what his life used to be like. Jack Russell’s Great White’s new album He Saw it Coming recently …


Beatlefest 2017 Beatles Shoulder Tattoo

Mike Preston starts out the show talking with Neil Innis of the Rutles about his television experiences with his mockumentary and having to write new Beatles songs based on his memories of their music and what was happening in his life at the time. Neil also talks briefly about Monty Python and his whistle. Next …

Terri Hemmert at BEATLEFEST 2017

Terri Hemmert on Psycho Babble TV

Mike introduces radio legend and Beatle historian Terri Hemmert and asks her “Why the Beatles?” and Terri explains how she became a life long Beatles fan. Terri Hammert decided to be a radio disc jokey so she could have a chance to meet the Beatles. Watch this interview to find out what happens!

DJ Mann visits BEATLEFEST Chicago 2017

DJ Mann at Beatlefest 2017

DJ Mann starts off the show with Beatles fans Janette and Rachel, author Daniel Hartwell and Roseanne Bottone the authors of the book Saint John Lennon. He meets up with Sgt. Pepper for a moment and then listens to a little bit of guitar music and a guy in a yellow submarine comes floating by.

Marti Edwards at BEATLEFEST Chicago 2017

Marti Edwards

Classic Rock Jock “DJ Mann” chats with author Marti Edwards about her book 16 in ’64 The Beatles & The Baby Boomers which is about her experience growing up in the Chicago area during her teen years and starting a large Beatles fan club.