Episode 425 – Tony Baloni & Jack Russell

Mike Preston introduces his co-hosts Nurse Filomena and Justine Hartel. Mike asks Nurse Filomena about her recent rock/ metal camping trip and people’s medical needs during the event. Mike then interviews Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White and he talks about working on a new album for the 30th anniversary of Once Bitten and mentions his current book project that he is working on. Mike brings up the album He Saw it Coming and wants to know more. Jack Russell always has a great interview when he sits down with Mike Preston. Be sure to check it out! Tony Baloni joins in on the Psycho Babble TV couch and tells some jokes. Ace Frehley formerly of Kiss calls in on the celebrity hotline to share his own comedy talents.

Cast & Crew
Mike Preston
Justine Hartel
Jessica Edwards
Tim Baker
Pete Berwick