Episode 414 – Dr Burnbaum & Nurse Filomena, Janet Gardner & Justin James

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel talk about Justine’s upcoming outdoor wedding and the rules of getting married. They also talk about the importance of good family and friends that join in on the marraige to help keep the relationship together. After that is a clip of Janet Gardner and Justin James at Lucky Star in Bartlett, Illinois before their show when they sit down and talk with Justine about what’s going on in their lives with music and their relationship. Dr Burnbaum and Nurse Filomena join Justine and Mike on the couch in the studio and they talk about eating superfoods to cure diseases and other ailments. Kitt the car from Night Rider calls in on the celebrity hotline looking for help as he finds himself lost in a bad neighborhood.

Cast & Crew
Mike Preston
Justine Hartel
Jimmy McHugh
Jessica Edwards
Mike Heuel
James Hogan
Jessica Edwards
Dave VanDam

Janet Gardner and Justin James – May 2017

Live stage performance by Janet Gardner (Vixen) and Justin James at Lucky Star in Bartlett, Illinois. Justine Hartel of Psycho Babble TV interviews Janet and Justin before they took the stage for the night. They talk about writing, producing and recording music together and their partnership while coming up with their new album Janet Gardner which has a pending release date of August 18th 2017.