Episode 410 – Rev Jeremiah Stank and Gary Conway

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel talk about plays and the theater. Mike interviews Gary Conway from Land of the Giants. Rev Jeremiah Stank joins Psycho Babble TV live along with Nurse Filomena and the Reverend performs some faith healing. Evil Dave calls in on the celebrity hotline with a top ten list Excuses for Losing the Indy 500.

Cast & Crew
Mike Preston
Justine Hartel
Mike Heuel
James Hogan
Jimmi Perrino
Tim Baker
Jessica Edwards
Dave VanDam

GARY CONWAY – March 2017

On a recent stop in Chicago, Gary Conway takes some time out to chat with Mike Preston from PSYCHO BABBLE TV. Gary Conway talks about some of his acting experiences and some of the different tv shows that he has been on such as Land of the Giants and Burke’s Law. Gary Conway has also been a life long artist and painter. He tells the story of how he became a vineyard owner after surviving a helicopter crash in that very location and says that real authentic wine and olive oil are key to good health.