Episode 418 – Patel Patel & Corey Feldman

Mike Preston and Justine Hartel talk with Nurse Filomena about her recent trip to Nudes A Poppin. Mike interviews Corey Feldman and they talk about his music and Corey’s Angels at the Arcada Theater. Corey also talks about what it was like being friends with and learning from Michael Jackson and how he has spent the past twenty years building his music career. Patel Patel joins Psycho Babble in the studio and talks about a report he is upset about in the BBC News. Sol Rosenberg calls in on the celebrity hotline to try and get Nurse Filomena to come over for a house call.

Cast & Crew
Mike Preston
Justine Hartel
Jessica Edwards
Mike Heuel
Jimmy McHugh
Mark Bianchi
Jimmi Perrino
James Hogan

Episode 397 Bikini Bottom Bar and DJ Mann

Mike Preston, Justine Hartel and Dr Burnbaum talk about do it yourself at home prostate exams. Doctor Burnbaum also recently visited Bikini Bottom Bar in West Dundee, Illinois with the Joker and met some interesting new friends: Sally Marvel, Mimi Le Uke, Madame Marvel and Samantha Siren. DJ Mann joins Psycho Babble TV in the studio live and he recalls his experiences as a radio dj over the years and Sol Rosenberg calls in during the show to express his feelings about watching Psycho Babble TV.