Episode 423 – Raph’s Graphs and Bristol Ren Faire

Mike Preston introduces his co-hosts for the evening Justine Hartel and Nurse Filomena. Mike asks Nurse Filomena about her trip to Nudes A Poppin and her upcoming trip to The Revival Party camping weekend. Justine checks out the Bristol Ren Faire and talks to all kinds of really fun people there like Menage A Moi, Ded Bob and the Washing Well Wenches. Mr Raph of Raph’s Graphs joins the show to share his artistic creations. Barry White calls in on the celebrity hotline to talk about new music.

Cast & Crew
Mike Preston
Justine Hartel
Jessica Edwards
Jeff Seda
Mike Heuel
Jimmy McHugh
Mark Bianchi
Tim Baker
James Hogan


An excerpt from a recent episode of PSYCHO BABBLE.

Dave Odd has a cooking show set up on Psychobabble TV and he brings out some spring time animals out on the table with him including an American toad, a tiger salamander, a red ear slider turtle, a Chicago garter snake, and a Brazilian short tailed opossum. Dave likes to watch Rachel Ray.

Mike Preston
Marge Tackes
Dave Odd